Total Solution
Frequency & Orbital Resource Registration

WAVEON has years of experience in processing onerous procedure of frequency
and orbital resource registration. We can help you eliminate the burdens of
paperwork and filings.

Launch Service Arrangement
Through our partnership with launch service providers, we offer arrangement with launch service providers to place your spacecraft on orbit.
Satellite Operations

Reliable satellite operation is one of the key factor of successful satellite business.
We have an expert who is well-suited for thorough operation of satellites.


WAVEON CONNECT offers convenient online filing service for ITU satellite network registration and satellite coordination analysis. WAVEON CONNECT provides the following services:

  1. ITU registration filing

  2. RF interference analysis

  3. Coordination with other networks

  1. Sign in or sign up for our system by clicking the "Sign In" button at the upper right.

  2. Once you are signed in, fill in the form at "Register Satellite"

  3. After filling in the form at "Register Satellite", we will verity and grant you an access if your network is suitable for our web platform, "WAVEON CONNECT".

  4. Once you are granted the access, go to "WAVEON CONNECT" and select the network you desire to request.

  5. Fill in the form and submit.

  6. We will review your submission and contact you with the result.

Spectrum Management Software
Efficient frequency management database system for satellite network specifications and
registration history
Interference analysis tool capable of creating satellite network operation scenario