Advent of LEO Communication Satellite
The age of 5G communication has arrived and the demand of 5G capacity is outpacing the infrastructure development. LEO satellites are rapidly being deployed in order to quench low-latency broadband service demands.

Realizing that the access to frequency and orbital resource will accelerate investment and innovation, new space race is emerging among tech companies to deploy LEO satellite constellations. Along with the new space race, LEO satellites are quickly dominating the world of communication satellites.

Proliferation of LEO communication satellite technology is driving efficient use of frequency and orbital resources. As frequency and orbital resources being directly related to the effectiveness and resilience of 5G networks, efficient use of those

Role of WAVEON In The Era of Next-generation Communication
The advent of satellite networks accompanying overwhelming amount of space stations is constantly challenging the traditional way of spectrum management. Needless to say, integration of LEO satellite constellation with next-generation communication system is demanding a new approach in promoting efficient use of frequency and orbital resources.

In the time of great change, WAVEON is constantly collaborating with various research institutes and space industries in order to tackle near future issues when it comes to spectrum management and satellite operation during the time of great change. Our effort is focused on replacing skills and knowledges that is considered obsolete. Furthermore, we do not overlook the importance of tracking global trends of space and communication technologies and applying those to our services.