Who We Are
WAVEON consists of professionals specialized in spectrum management and satellite operation. Through vast amount of experience and data we have accumulated, we offer convenient and impeccable satellite communication and operation solutions. We constantly search for innovation in satellite communication technology in order to adapt and trailblaze through the time of big changes.
Our Mission
WAVEON's mission is to establish hassle-free environment for satellite network utilization. Our passion lies in enhancing accessibility of satellite technology to everyone who wishes to use satellite network for their business, research, and more.
Our Competitiveness
WAVEON is capable of providing non-stop total solution for satellite communication which allows our customers and partners to focus on more important matters. To enhance convenience of spectrum management one step further, we offer web-based platform for satellite network registration service. Furthermore, WAVEON conducts various R&D to innovate and introduce unique solutions and services.
IOPS is a provider of total solution in satellite operation and system
management which leads the market through unique expertise.